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Spring is here, life is getting ready to spring forward into longer days, and for many people that means hair changes are around the corner. May it be a small changes in your cut or color or a complete transformation there are a few things to consider and steps you can take to make any spring hair changes a success.


Even when you are unsure of what it is that you want to change. Ask their professional opinion of what would look best for your face shape or skin tone, and which to stay away from. Pictures help a lot, they can start forming a game plan and give you the lay of the land of what it will take to get there time and money wise. Don’t have a regular stylist? Do your homework, ask for Referrals or search Instagram. Look for someone that does what you are looking for well. If you want vibrant rainbow hair look for a stylist that has plenty of that in their portfolio. Unsure how to talk to your stylist? Here are some tips for hair consultations.


This is a great way to find out if the cut/color your are dreaming of is right for you. Check your self out is the mirror and take pictures. Some how looking a picture of yourself will tell you how you feel about this new look more than those hair swap apps.


What are the reasons behind this hair change? A break up? New job? How well do you handle change? Some people can ride the tide of change and impulse works for them, and want to just do it before they change their mind. Others need to stew it over. Others are just that indecisive and need a deadline to help commit to a hair change. Once you find your hair inspiration, talked it out with your stylist, pick a date that isn’t too close to any important events, That way there is plenty of time to make any tweaks your hair might need. One of two things will happen. One you will want it done sooner and bump up your apt or two you will change your mind of your inspo pic. Either way you are prepare. Taking the Change in steps might be better for you to adjust or work up the nerve to really go for it, or if it is a big color change doing it in steps would be better for the integrity of your hair and your wallet.


Are you prepared for what it will take to maintain your new look, the sacrifices you might have to make or worst case scenario you hate it. You need to fully understand if your lifestyle and bank account can handle what your new look requires, for example short hair cuts or bleach & tone looks mean frequent and consistent salon appointments. Depending on your hair history and your desired hair result you have to be on a heat style band to protect the health of you hair. Then there is the cold showers requirement to keep you fashion color vibrant as long as possible. Ask your self if are honestly okay with the fine print that is required. What if after all that you realize this real look is just not you? Are you will to put time and money to make corrections?


Everyone has an opinion and they are not always what you want to hear. Are you able to still love your look even if your friends and family are as a big of a fan? Or does their approval have a big effect on you? These are things to consider before making any changes. And honestly real love is if you love it I love it but that isn’t always real life.


How will this effect your make up and your wardrobe? A good thing about seasonal changes is that you might be on the verge of changing your makeup color because of the longer days and more time out in the sun (with SPF i hope). Then there is your wardrobe... how will this new hair change effect your color scheme? If you time your appointment to make that transition much smoother.

| More Deets Please |

Having your hair in the best possible shape will only benefit any hair change you are thinking of. That way you will not be limited because of the integrity of your hair. Pre-Treatments and quality haircare products will help get your hair into tip top shape. Get your self a silk or satin pillow case, cotton strips moisture and causes friction drying out the hair; even more so if you toss and turn all night.

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