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DEAR 2020

New year new me! Uh that’s not really my vibe. I cant remember the last time I had a new year goal let alone write them down, but This year I am. Well I guess it is a new me. Ill go with new decade new me. This year a main goal of mine is to be better and more consistent with social media & website content. Let me tell you on top of hair it is its own full time job of constantly thinking and planning ahead. I have come to realize that organization is key.

2020 mood board here


In 2020 I want to…

Quit: soda

Learn: French

Try: to play a bigger part of my community

Have: more money in the bank & less in my closet

Continue to: read and read some more

Going to stop: thinking that I cant

Want to be: an early riser

Spend more: time outside

Start: living a more organized life

Get better at: making financial choices

To reduce: postmates habit

Conquer: the magic… outside the box


2020 to do list

Seek out more education

Be professional

Make and maintain a social media content calendar

Put myself out there with the creative world

Say yes more

More money in the IRA

Get up earlier

Routine routine routine


What would I do if there was no way to fail?

Make the leap into session styling. It’s something I think bout and the excuse is the taking time away from behind the chair. And the fear of failing with a lack luster salon clientele to come back to.



Have: a puppy added to the fam

Be: in a a balanced work, home, social life routine

Do: volunteer at LBACS

12 months:

Have: a strong healthy body from a balance lifestyle

Be: more involved with the hairdresser community

Do: network more

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