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Going Non-Toxic

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


For the past ten years my smoothing treatment of choice has been the Brazilian Blowout, I have never felt the ill effects of the fumes that happens during the flat iron step of the service, it is well known that the toxic ingredients lurking in keratin treatments are nonetheless extremely harmful weather or not some one is immediately effected or not. This caused many Salons to decide to limit Brazilian Blowout services on off hours or as house calls, something that I have been doing for the past 7 years while searching for a healthier alternative that meets all the requirements I have for a smoothing system service.


I did not want to sacrifice the qualities I did like about the Brazilian Blowout just so I could provide the service during normal businesses hours. What I did not want to loose that the ready wear your hair is after the service. The fact that it does not alter the interior of the hair you can put it up or tuck behind your ear. Once the products is flat iron you are good to go, can even swim in the ocean or a pool, Some Keratin Treatments you have a down time of 72hrs where they go as far as to tell you to blow dry the sweat off your scalp if you get to hot. That’s just not something I want to put my clients through.


Another thing is application steps, I wanted to keep them to a minimum like the Brazilian Blowout. Wash, apply, blow dry, flat iron, done. Finding a smoothing treatment that didn’t have ANY processing time and zero toxic fumes is not very likely so to find a smoothing treatment with only one processing time was my goal. Two or more processing times to me, would start to feel more like a perm or a straightening service and less like a smoothing treatment.


Well I found it, the Pura Luxe Non Toxic Smoothing System. A formaldehyde free, amino acid base, customizable (smooth & straight, reduce frizz only or repair & heal) treatment system that lasts up to six months. There is a processing time which will vary depending on the treatment type and clients hair density/texture. There isn’t a down time after the service once the hair is flat ironed you are free to color your hair, throw it up in a bun, even go swimming. Because of the processing time and you rinse the product out before the flat iron there isn’t any toxic fumes in the air. During this Covid Pandemic I think the less toxicity we breathe the better.


Even though there is a processing time with the Pura Luxe treatment, it is the only treatment that is customizable to the client’s desire and hair needs. Then there is the fact that it last up to 6 months makes the processing time more than worth it. I am very excited to provide this service to my clients. Best part is the Non-Toxic part of our #hairmagic dreams.

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