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What You Need To Know: Hair Consultation

The hair consultation is an important first step for a successful appointment. Weather you and your stylist have been going steady for a while or this is your first date, it is important that you are understand these key elements of the consultation process.


Before you make your appointment:

Do your homework. If you are looking for a new stylist ask friends or family whose hair you admire, then do you research on them. Check them out on yelp, Instagram, Facebook etc. Check where they are located and if their prices fit into your beauty budget. If you have been steady with your stylist and looking to switch up you look a little or a lot let your stylist know ahead of time. It won’t matter that you don’t have an appointment coming up let their creative brain start working for you! That’s the great thing about social media you can just tag them on a post or direct message them you new hair inspo pic. Think about it, the consultation has already started before you even step foot in the salon. So, when you do sit in their chair your stylist is meeting you halfway with their own suggestions.


What the Stylist wants to know about you and why.

What are you hoping to achieve with your hair today?

This is and obvious one. The best way to explain what you want is by showing. Coming into your appointment with 3-5 pictures that are somewhat similar to each other to help give your stylist an idea of what it is you are looking for. If you just use descriptive words the stylist might have a different idea than yours. If you are still having a hard time look at pictures together. Most stylist have a Pinterest or Instagram saved folder to help during a consultation

What is the chemical history of you hair?

This one is major! It is very important that you are as honest as you can be with this one. Even if you are your stylist have been steady for a while, but you cheated. They will find out, always do. Think of it like a doctor’s appointment, are you making the Dr’s job harder by not being 100% honest? Maybe. The person who will suffer the most from this is you. Same with your hair, if you leave a few things out then they are not accounted for and could run in to problems because of it halfway through the appointment. Can cost you more money and possibly the integrity of your hair. Something to keep in mind... the longer your hair is the longer your chemical hair history is. The average person grows about six inches per year, and if you have hair down to your waist… see what i mean?

What do you like/dislike about your hair?

This is a getting to know you and your hair ? The stylist is learning how to help you resolve things you don’t like and or exaggerate the things that you like most about your hair.

What are the things you liked/disliked about your last stylist?

Another learning questions. Don’t be afraid to be honest and you are not talking bad about anyone. This new stylist is learning about what is important to you when you come into a salon to get your hair done.

What is your daily hair routine?

Again, the best way to answer this one is by showing. If you are seeing a new stylist come to your appointment with day old or two-day hair in a way that you usually style it. Then you can fill in the blanks, like how often you shampoo and apply heat to your hair. This is important information for a cut or color consultation. Be open to the stylist suggestions their main goal is for you to love your hair and have everyday a good hair day.

What products and tools are you using?

This one is not just a lean in to sell you the expensive stuff. Yes, a lot of salons have insentives for stylist to sell product and they should. My question to you is if you are spending anywhere from $150-$200 on your hair every 8-10 weeks why would you want to use cheap stuff loaded with junk and waxes that coat your hair that has a detrimental effect on your hair. Your stylist is going to prescribe you a hair routine with your scalp, hair texture, chemical services, and daily routine in mind. So, they need to know if what you have in your shower is or isn't going to help that vibrant red color last as long as possible. You use this question to your advantage. Talking about tools you can ask your stylist to show you how to use something. A good stylist will make you do it and make corrections.

What level of maintenance are you looking for?

This question will help dictate if your hair inspo pictures and your lifestyle can co-habit. Someone with a really busy schedule and finding the time to get your hair done would want a low-maintenance hair color not a bleach and tone where it is important to stay on set 4-6 touchup schedule.


To Sum It All UP

Being honest to any and all questions a hair stylist might have for you is important and listening to the stylist if they suggest a few different things. they might even tell you that your desired hair goals don’t quite match up with anything that you told them from the questions listed above. They are a professional with years of experience, they will be able to take your hair dreams and your hair reality and give you something that is all you.

  • If something isn’t working for you speak up. Even as the appointment is wrapping up, they are just about done blow drying it doesn’t matter. No need to feel bad it could be an easy fix or not, but a hairstylist will want you to leave the salon happy with your hair not unhappy. If you don't speak up and want to wait and see if it will get better/ it will grow on you and it doesn’t again contact your stylist and let them know. Most stylist have a one-week redo policy for them to make adjustments free of charge. The worst thing for a stylist is to not be given the opportunity to make something right and then seeing a bad review on yelp.

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