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How to get the most out of a Blow Out.

Make that Blow out worth all the work, make it last 3-5 or, just maybe 7 days! It takes work and practice, but it is possible. Below is a list to products and tools, details in why and how to use them. This will save you time in the AM by not always having to start with wet hair, and just maybe have time to eat breakfast.

see previous post on the cons of washing your hair too much.

* For optimal results consult your hair professional regarding which products & tools fit your hair type, lifestyle and how to use them.

What Will I Need?

Quality Shampoo & Conditioner:

I like brands INCOMMON BEAUTY, Moroccan oil, Kevin. Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse, and Olaplex. A good Shampoo and Conditioner will remove sweat, dirt, oil and product buildup on your hair and scalp, while maintaining the hair PH balance which promotes a healthy cuticle. On another note, quality haircare brands are essential to longevity to your salon hair color service. *shampoo twice as needed, lots of product build up and oil doesn't always get removed in the first shampoo.

Some sort of Leave in Conditioner or treatment:

I love IN COMMON BEAUTY'S MAGIC MYST on towel dried hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. This vitamin elixir reinforces, strengthens and seals the cuticle to dramatically repair damage while detangling and protecting against daily heat styling. I use MAGIC MYST almost every day on wet or dry hair; keeps ends hydrated each day of re-styling my hair.

A Deep Conditioning Hair mask:

Use once a week or every other week depending your current shampooing routine or hair type needs. Hair mask range from Hydrating to Repair. Repair is for chemically compromised hair needing intense protein and moisture treatment; whereas the hydrating is for normal to dry to maintain moisture in the hair. *every 8-12 weeks treat yourself and your hair to an in-salon treatment, they can restructure your hair to make it stronger and/or add shine. I use Olaplex NO.3 for my restructure treatments, from Kevin Murphy the Young.Again. Masque to add moisture and shine back into dull ends.

Styling Products to fit your hair type and needs:

For fine hair texture volumizers and root boots will help maintain lots body for a few days. Moroccan Oil Thickening lotion and Volume Mouse are my favorites with Aveda Thickening Tonic and Volumizing tonic are a close second and the choice is more a smell base. These products hold up well with second- and third-day restyling without weighing the hair down. For coarser textures looking for smooth frizz free hair gives all the feels; one to two pumps depending on length and thickness in damp hair and blow dry with a boar brush and VIOLA! You may or may not need further heat styling after that. To smooth and eliminate frizz with coarse or wavy hair textures Moroccan Blow dry Concentrate or Olaplex NO.6 work wonders in fighting frizz and cutting down blow-dry time.

Dry Shampoo:

DRY SHAMPOO IS LIFE. For real though, it’s a time saver! Dry Shampoo makes going 3-5 days without washing your hair possible. Think like you are being proactive instead of reactive to oily hair. Results vary depending on if your scalp type oily, normal or dry but it helps to squeeze an extra day out of your hair. Second day hair it’s best to brush your hair, apply dry shampoo at the root area then brush hair again. This is also where a natural boar brush is key; a boar brush distributes the dry shampoo along the hair shaft getting rid of that powdered (George Washington) look that can occur. Also, a boar brush is going to distribute any excess oil down the hair shaft moisturizing the hair cuticle resulting in shiny hair. As you get into days 3-5 making dry shampoo apart of your nightly routine is ideal. Kevin Murpys dry shampoo absorbs oils really well; and my all-time favorite is Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam. Having a travel size in your purse or gym bag is great for when your hair needs an afternoon/post gym pick me up. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo comes in Light or Dark tones, which is great for brunettes or the darker blonde tones.

Heat Styling:

The day you wash your hair the only heat styling should be the blow-dry. For some this isn’t an option and will require additional heat to smooth out your hair. A heat protector is so important for your hair every time you apply heat to your hair. Apply to hair before any heat styling, day two blow dry on dry hair an oil or a serum on the shaft and ends will add moisture and shine. For straightening or curling a spray heat protector will have a light hold, and fight humidity resulting in a long-lasting style, my go to is Olaplex NO. 7. For each day's restyle I use In Common Magic Myst on my shaft and ends along with Dry Shampoo on scalp area as a foundation to that day’s style; blow dried, straight, or curled. My clean to dirty hair progression starts with a good blow out; day two is re-blow dry and flat iron to smooth ends. Days three-five is with the curling iron. If it’s day 5+ and am too lazy/busy to wash my hair it is pulled back, in a braid or under a hat. Favorite tools are Croc Flat Iron, T3 micro curling Iron or T3 hot Rollers. For Rainy Hair Days it will be a happier day for you and your hair if you don’t fight with your natural texture too much. Humidity will always win.

BOOM! With a little work each day you have made it through the work week with washing your hair just once. It’s the Weekend and can treat yourself to a professional blowout to last the weekend and the start of the next week. Or an at home spa evening with a facial and hair mask going to start your weekend. The world is your oyster babe, be your own kind of beautiful.

practice self care


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