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No Filter Hair Transformation

From Level 4 Brunette to Metallic Violet.

  • Time 4 Months and 15+ salon hours ( 3 sessions)

  • Plus at home care and treatments

I want to start off with thanking my Co-woker Justine Martin, for taking the time and energy in making my Mermaid hair dreams come true, the time and energy that goes into a Transformation A.K.A. COLOR CORRECTION like this is mentally and physically demanding. Timing and execution in vital for the end result. As always she delivered in every way. So Thanx Girl!!


As with every color change it started with a consultation, i had been applying a dark brown demi permeant color on my hair for about 6 years and was ready for a change, i turned 30 and wanted to start the next decade of my life with a new look. Changing my hair from this Dark brown was going to be a lot of work, so I thought a medium level pink would be achievable in one if not two sittings. Took to pinterest to find a good inspo that way my stylist and I would have the same idea on what the desired results will be. So we Picked a day, worked out a rough plan and got to work

  • Six years Level 4 Demi-permanent Color

  • baby lights through mid shaft and ends

Blonde AF Lightener 20 volume on shaft and ends process 20min


15 vol lightener on virgin regrowth process 20 min

rinse dry hair for pulp riot hair color.

With being dark blonde naturally, using Demi permanent color about 3 inches from my scalp and previously highlighted ends lifted well. the mid shaft however lifted to what I can only describe as "Blonorange".


The at home care for these type of services are so important to get every penny out of the price tag. Shampoo Your hair with a Color safe or hydrating shampoo as little as possible and when you do be sure to use cold, yes cold water. Colder the water the longer it stays, and Pulp Riot tells you the hair color that up to 40 something washes so the longer in between those washes the longer the color will last. It is a good idea to stalk up on that dry shampoo. Treatments and masks are something that if you haven't yet added to your weekly or bi-weekly routine you should, they help rebuild the integrity of your hair and protect it from further damage.


Fast forward and thank god its summer so the cold showers are really not that big of a deal. But this regrowth is a whole other story...yikes, those low maintainece hair color is a thing of the past. Letting the pink fade a bit more and Continue deep conditoning the shaft and ends for the when we are ready to remove the warm band in the middle of the hair shaft this service is just a root touch up.

Two months after the regrowth making it four months after the original appointment, my hair now has faded to a pastel pink. My hair lasted really long because of the fact that I added pink and purple pulp riot hair color into my deep conditioning treatment making it more like a hair color "refresher" and the fact that I literally only wash my hair once a week helps the color last that much longer.

So now we are doing another color correction service broken up in to two sessions. First was a quick color remover to get the pink out of the hair and have a blank canvass for the next process in three days. During those 3 days my hair was saturated in a treatment (Olapex NO.2 then Olaplex NO.3) . Let me tell you as a hairstylist I know the importance of giving you hair a rest and some TLC in-between appointments but going a whole weekend with that raw D.I.Y. blonde was a little rough. What helped was watching those



After the weekend of deep conditioning its finally the day 4 months in the making to get a light metallic violet. Just one Four hour session to go...

Started off with Regrowth lighter 2ovol with olaplex

10 vol lighter with olaplex on warm band

process 30min

rinse shampoo treat and back to the chair

pulp riot silver and violet toner 20 minutes

trim with olaplex NO. 2

rise & style

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