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PART 1: Stop Washing Your Hair So Much


Why is it not good to wash your hair everyday? Think of your hair as another piece of clothing. Fine, Delicate, expensive (depending on your hair color/cut routine) fabric that requires tender love and care. For example, leathers require cleansers and moisturizers to keep hydrated, maintain durability and keep color long lasting. Cashmere requires hand washing and air-dried flat, or professionally cleaned. I don’t own any real fur clothing so I cant speak on their proper maintenance; but I am sure you cant throw them in the washer and dryer at home a call it a day.

Your hair is no different. Granted every one is unique, every ones hair and scalp is different as well as his or her hair routine. If you are one of those people whose hair is greasy pieces by the end of the day after washing it that morning then maybe wash your hair every day; but just maybe if you started with every other day your hair may not be so oily in the long run and here is why.

The Sebaceous glands are found in the greatest numbers are the face and scalp; these glands produce what is called sebum (fats & dead cells). Its purpose it to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair. These glands also help protect you from bacteria, there are two types of sebaceous glands; some are connected to hair follicles and ones that are independent.

In hair talk sebum is a natural conditioner for your hair. It helps keep moisture locked into the hair shaft by keeping the cuticle layer laying flat. By washing your hair everyday you are removing the natural oil that your hair needs at the same time, stimulating the scalp as you lather the shampoo causing your body to produce more sebum . Resulting in the never ending cycle of oily hair at the scalp and dry open cuticle at the shaft and ends, vicious cycle of your every day washing.

Shampooing everyday is rough on the hair, not only does it rob your hair and scalp of the natural oils but the friction of lathering Shampoo everday wears down the cuticle; also the hot water opens the cuticle releasing any color molecules ($100+ service from your hairstylist) down the drain and replacing them with mineral deposits and other hard water elements that’s in your shower water. What your left with is dull, brassy and tangled tresses instead of the soft, rich, shiny haircolor you had when you left the salon.

How to decide how often you wash your hair all depends on your hair and scalp type and your current beauty routine. Do you blow dry or air dry use any heat styling or au natural? If your scalp is oily or dry? Both could be caused by over washing. Having fine hair, the oil after a day or two your hair could loose volume and separate at growth patterns. With taking all these factors and the right products and weekly routine just about everyone can go a week or at least the five day work week with only washing/shampooing ones hair once. But please shower accordingly.

But wait a minute... What if I work out? Depending on how hard the work is and how much sweat is involved dry shampoo could be your new best friend. Other times if you are dripping in sweat a thorough rinsing the hair or a light shampoo of the hairline and conditioner combed through the ends will get your head feeling refeshed and clean again. *i find blow-drying my hair works best with my post work-out rinse

The best way to get answers on how to best costumize your shampoo routine is to consult your stylist.

*Coming Soon*


day to day steps, products and tools.

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