Quarantine Coverage & At Home Hair Spa


The Safer at home mandate got pushed back again and the sight or your regrowth growing even longer is frightening and at times demoralizing? Your tempted but you know that that DIY hair color will just end up costing you more money to fix once the salon is reopened. Linked below are some temporary Root coverages that will help get us through this and into the salon safely and color correction free. Also linked below are some at home hair treatment systems that will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated to those haircuts is the salon are reshaping more than damage control.


I am restraining from giving myself an at home cut or color in solidarity with you. I have to say it’s harder than I thought but not because of how badly my color needed done even before the quarantine. (my appointment was 4/7) I find it hard because of home much time that task would kill. LOL.



Linked on the pictures of the top three brands I would recommend as a root coverage to get you through this quarantine and getting your hair safely into the salon for a major touch up not a color correction. All the brands have different application choices, choose the type you think will work best for you.



linked below are two salon grade at home hair systems that boost your hairs shine, hydrations and vitality, keeping it as healthy as possible until we meet in the salon to reshape your grown-out haircut...

Now is a great time to take a break from heat styling, both of these systems have treatment that you could leave in as an all-day mask (I don’t recommend sleeping in them because it makes your pillow gross and can clog your pores on your face).


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