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The Slip Dress

Emma Stone slayed at the La La Land London premiere. Her look has VDay goals written all over it. The Slip Dress in lace, satin or velvet has that cool girl luxe for a dressy girls' night out or dress it down because you just DGAF. Do the slip dress your way; fur jacket and kicks? Check. Over a turtleneck with pearls or chains? Check Check. Better yet, flaunt your inner RiRi and accessorize with a glass of your favorite wine.



Call it what you will: salmon, baby pink, blush, rose quartz or pantone. This color trend exploded on to the streets and into our social feeds, and it has some serious staying power. Why? A variety reasons such as becoming the color associated with the resurgence of women's rights, and gender neutrality. From a less political stand point, aesthetically pink compliments every skin tone.

This sublte spectrum of pink crosses the gender barrier, a sophisticated elder sibling of the ultra girly girl hot pink or Barbie's convertible of your childhood. You can find it all over the marketing platforms for brands like #GIRLBOSS and GLOSSIER; the coveted fashion house CHLOE shows this color can be a statement or a great neutrilizer in beauty and fashion.

Whether clothes, make up or hair color, and the color itself is playful and eye catching yet subdued. A color for all seasons, this shade of pink will last all year. Love it or Hate it MILLENNIAL PINK has a few more rounds in the ring.

50% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.



An individual who embraces their "FLAWS" and knows they are Awesome regardless.

February, the month of love, no matter what your current relationship status is; it's time to practice some self love. Have you already had a misstep with a new years goal? Forget about it! Tomorrow is a new day. Be a little selfish, have a me day, go for bottomless mimosas and crepes, put that phone on airplane mode (or not) and take twenty with an adult coloring book. It's just as important to celebrate who you are, right now, flaws and all as it is to set goals and to be a better, no the best you. The happy life is somewhere in between embracing your shortcomings and striving for the better version of you, or the life you portray on social media.




"You shlould go and love yourself", Justin Bieber gives some sound advice even if he didn't mean it that way. Each day it is important to practice a little self love. A little goes a long way, and can be clutch when it is one of THOSE days. In an article from Psychology Today Dr. Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D. provides a few steps you can do each day to manifest self love. Yeah... just like everything else you have to work on loving yourself: unless you are Donald Trump, in which case scale back. According to Dr. Khoshaba there are 7 different steps or actions you can take each and every day to manifest self love. February is a short month, so think of them as little Valentine's to yourself and down the road they give back to you.

To start Be mindful; reflect on what you think, feel, need and desire. Second Act on what you need rather then what you want. This one doesn't sound like fun but staying focused on what you need shift you away from damaging behaviors. Practice good self care, such as nutrition, exercise, a good nights rest, sex, and healthy social interactions. Did someone say Brunch? Fourth is to set boundaries, learn to say no to things that could harm you mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes if it involves pants and a bra it's just not going to happen, and that's okay. Indulge in a little JOMO. Protect your self. Have frenemies? Lose them like a bad habit because that is exactly what they are. No one needs that negativity in their life. Life is too short to have toxic, unsupportive friendships. You're better off with out them, trust me.

The last two: I think they are the hardest. Forgive yourself. As humans we can be really hard on ourselves when we have a lapse in judgement. Embrace your that you're FLAWSOME. Not perfect but not giving up, because we win some and learn most. It's only a mistake if you didn't learn anything from it. Last but not least live intentionally; not sure how? Your intention in life can be to lead a happy healthy life or show more kindness towards others. Make decisions each and everyday to support your intentions and you will love your self more and more each and every day.

Enjoy a FLAWSOME state of mind. Tell your self, out loud, that you are flawsome, you might giggle a bit. I think that is the point. Not to take your low or high points too seriously.


Happy Valentines Day!



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