Updated: Feb 9, 2020

A week in Paradise. What more could you ask for in starting your life as man and wife. I was blessed enough to be asked to do the hair for the bride and family and some guest (with available time with the bride choosing not to have bridesmaids). The wedding took place at the beautiful Villa Sand Dollar with its own private beach. Like I said paradise.

The wedding day itself was far from perfect but beautiful nonetheless. The day started out with clear skies and little humidity being in the Caribbean. Then came the thunder and lightening storm along with a downpour. God bless us all it left as soon as it came, and because of the rain the rest of the day sparkles. The bride herself was calm the one thing you cant control is the weather, also the wedding preparation not as hectic as ones of worked past. Have no fear I don't think even the most planned out events there is always that last minute hustle to get things going and some minor things over looked.

The ceremony was a small affair with about 25 people that flew in and another 20-30 locals (the grooms has family in the Caribbean). The officiant did a wonderful job. He was so entertaining and could even warm the coldest of hearts with his words. The bride and groom beamed with as much love as the atmosphere sparkled from the rain earlier. Like the rain washed away the past and two separate souls now is one soul full of new adventures.

Being a friend and the brides one woman glam squad I tend to check in during the Photos of the bride and groom/family picture just incase someone needs an adjustment or I think something needs to be fixed. Once those are all done I am officially off the clock.

This wedding had bar far the best food. Fish caught that morning and some sort of red meat that seriously melted in your mouth. I couldn't tell you how many helpings I had. The rest of the reception was a blast being such a small intimate affair everyone had a great time. Being at the house where most guest were staying it was like an upscale glamorous house party. And I mean that in the best way possible. Like in the way that the Group of friends the bride and groom all went for a night swim to end the night. The very Best part of all this was all the day after everyone landed. The vibe had been set for the rest of the time in the Virgin Islands, which did Not disappoint.

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