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I don't consider my self a social person, I am more likely to suffer form JOMO then FOMO. I feel my work as a hairstylist fills my need for social interactions so when I am not at work I am very much a home body; or off utilizing my class pass at a pilates or Yoga studio.Labor Day weekend I went to Las Vegas for a friend from middle school's Bachelorette Party...

We had the time of our lives.

Before you get carried away with what "the time of our lives" might imply, nothing outragous went on no one got too drunk and lost their way. the authorities were never encountered with what we named our group TEAM MEAN GIRLS. I went to middle school with the bride Sara and high school with Deann and Ashley. I Have briefly met Vanessa, Hanna, and Alex i would soon meet my Brazilian soulmate Rubia on this trip. spending the weekend with these women some i know well some hardly at all was rewarding in so many ways.

We all got a long great there was no odd man out or the few competing for attention, or who was "the" best friend. No one was single and needed to go off and find some cute guy in order for them to have fun. Being TEAM MEAN GIRLS was fun. We were all there to get to know each other, to celebrate Sara, most of all we were there to have FUN.

This trip took me back to the good old days of sleep overs with friends, up until the wee hours the group dwindling in numbers as the night goes on, I was always the last one to bed and the first one awake, not that I mind, we were in a suite at the venetian with a sauna in the double shower. Talking about what happen that night, and what has yet to happen over breakfast sharing pictures laughing as we delete the bad ones was food for the soul.

To describe what its like for 8 women to get ready in Vegas is quite difficult. I do not know how we would have done it in a regular hotel room. THANK YOU Hanna for the amazing hook up on the room. The amount of products, tools and accessories we women have is on the verge of ridiculous. It seems that no matter what time we start to getting ready it didn't matter. We could never get out the door on time. It is one of the most important rituals of friendships among (young) women. Our trust and confidence is in the hands of our friends. What earrings do you like better? What shoes? But this pair is more comfortable. Hair curly or straight? Up or down? As a hairstylist this is my element, I enjoy the ritual of being a girl. Getting ready for Vegas is its own kind of fun. You can wear just about anything and do your hair and makeup how ever you want. Having the mad dash of 8 women trying to get ready adds a feeling of camaraderie, like we are all ready. Everyone have everything? No one killed each other? We all look amazing. Now...lets do this.

As I get older the more sure of who I am as a person the less concerned i am of how many people I know or have the need to be seen and talked about. The importance is in the quality not quantity of relationships. Spending time with girlfriends or getting to know new ones is so enriching in ones life. Coming from different backgrounds, various stages of life and rather than comparing and judging each others differences they are embraced and respected. Learning each others dreams and life goals and having the support of girlfriends were their main concern is your happiness is hard to come by; and after this trip I feel it was just the beginning of a lifetime of friendships. For the record you know it was a great girls trip when once its all over, at home with no voice and delirious from sleep deprivation reliving the weekend through group text and getting told from your boyfriend that the weekend is over. So stop looking at you phone and laughing. Agh I can not wait until we are all together agian in St. Thomas. Are we there yet?

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